That Joke’s Not Funny Anymore

I have an appointment with the doctor today. It’s just a routine check to make sure the meds I’m on are working (cholesterol, yo. That happens when you live on cheese). It’s good timing, because I’ve pinched a nerve in my elbow.

Long-time readers may remember that I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder about a year ago and I was in severe pain. That’s gotten so much better thanks to physical therapy and going to the gym. The muscles hurt, but the nerve pain is gone. Now it’s my elbow.

This isn’t a surprise. I’m still doing all the same things that caused the shoulder problem: I sit at a desk and type for hours at a time. I knit. I sleep on my arm. I play violin (well, I pick it up and practice scales and really simple stuff). Except for the past two weeks my pinkie and ring finger have been so numb I haven’t wanted to. It affects my typing because I’m never really sure how hard I’m hitting the keys with those two fingers.

Resting my elbow on something like my desk, the arm of a chair, or my own leg makes it worse. I try to keep my arm straight as much as possible, but with the typing and the sleeping I can’t always do anything about it. So I’m going to bring it up with the doctor and see if there’s a brace I could get that would help since trying to do it on my own (ice, anti-inflammatory drugs, not using it).

I actually had this elbow problem a few years ago. I had a massive, heavy brace for sleeping that went from my bicep to my wrist before, but it was hard plastic, sweaty, and lethal if you got whacked in the face with it in the middle of the night. I whacked my own face with it way more than I ever hit Kitti with it.

So once again I get to bust out the old comedy sketch with another doctor. “It hurts when I do this!” (so don’t do it!) “Will I be able to play the violin?” (of course!) “Great because that’s actually a legitimate concern of mine because I really like doing it, even though I’m not that good at it.”

That’s… not really as funny as the old routine….

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